Our tailored nutrient formulations are designed to accurately supply a plant’s nutritional requirements for optimal growth.

Existing elements in the water supply, individual crop requirements and seasonal temperatures, which affect element solubilities, are accounted for.

Alleviate element lock up and build up

Our nutrients are formulated to make elements available proportionately within their ideal range. This reduces the risks of element unavailability through inadequate nutrition; lock up, where elements bond making them unavailable; and element build up, which can result in toxicities. All can lead to weak plants, crop damage or loss.

Cost savings

The farmer manufactures the nutrient from raw element, providing cost-savings over conventional, pre-constituted nutrients. Because our nutrients are formulated to suit, the nutrient stays viable for longer than conventional nutrients, saving water and nutrient resources.

Formulations are used under an annual site license fee arrangement, either individually or by site formulation pack.
cost is based on nutrient usage $0.20/L @ 1:100 nutrient
cost for additives $0.80/L @ 1:100
due to large usages on most farms an arrangement can be made to meet your budget.

cost to adjust your farm formulation.
converting your element recipe to ppm $50 +GST
adjusting your recipe for your supply water $50 +GST*
adjusting your recipe for leaf/sap/soil analysis $100 +GST* (each)
adjusting your recipe for nutrient usage $100 +GST*
converting your recipe from ppm to element recipe $100 +GST
* note not including the lab analysis costs.