Ghost Gully Produce in Gatton, Queensland is a highly successful salad and herb hydroponic farm. Its award winning produce is grown using Cyber-Hydroponics nutrient formulations. The range of automated services has expanded over time to accommodate farmer requirements and expansions.

Logged variables include:

  • nutrient conductivity, pH and temperature
  • air temperature, humidity and rainfall
  • coldroom, cleanroom and salad washer temperatures
  • system pressures
  • farm tank levels including water reservoir, source and nutrient
  • nutrient dosing times and valve timing
  • water usage
  • power failure alerts.

These variables form the basis for automated decision making on the farm, and can be graphed and recalled individually and comparatively over time periods for farm management decision making. The recording of variables such as water usage and storage and processing temperatures assists with the farm’s WEP (Water Efficiency Program) and Quality Assurance compliance.

Ghost Gully uses SMS and email alert services in conjunction with its automation. Dial-in farm monitoring allows the farm to be monitored remotely by Cyber-Hydroponics and the farmer.

The automation manages the farm’s water supply, a combination of town and dam water.